First Fashionista of France and influencer of all times, The Spanish French  Empress Eugenie wife of Emperor Napoleon III

Example of Beauty and style.

Stunning, pretentious, independent as they say she was.

Empress Eugenie had blue eyes, red hair, and a flawless complexion.

Always concerned about her appearance.

Having a keen sense of fashion, her favorite color for her dresses, as seen in her paintings, was blue, Nattier blue; so-called after the French painter Jean-Marc Nattier (1685-1766). Her personal designer Englishman Charles Frederick Worth used it frequently in her haute couture clothing and furnishings.

She became the fascination of a young American entrepreneur, John F. Young. In 1837, he and his partner Charles Lewis Tiffany opened a “stationary and fancy goods store” called Tiffany and Young in New York City with five hundred dollars from each of their fathers.

In 1841, they partnered with another man, J.L. Ellis, and were able to add authentic jewelry, watches, clocks, bags, fragrances, dinner sets, and other miscellany to their store.

They became so successful; it allowed John Young to make a buying trip to Paris, France where he later opened another store.

Young was lucky to be in France at the time the Empress Eugenie had become the celebrated fashion icon.

Her inspiration led the American marketing wiz to capitalize on her signature nattier blue and he chose the color for his store’s brochures and product packaging. With the support of Charles Tiffany, the Tiffany blue box was born in 1850.

The company we now know as Tiffany & Company has had many shifts and changes in products, structure, and management, but its trademarked blue color, now called Tiffany Blue, is still going strong.

She also gave a little-known luggage-maker named Monsieur Louis Vuitton in 1854 a start, a malletier, he was in charge of crafting her luggage given the volume of her clothes and many trips.

She opened the door for him and he founded his own fashion empire and now she is still one of his timeless muses .

She helped found the luxury-goods industry as we know it and she is still the Empress of Fashion.

Empress Eugenie stayed frequently at the Claridge’s often referred to as her «winter Quarter».

An imperial trendsetter who began the long-lasting royals relationship with the Claridge.

Now they have her Famed Empress Eugenie Suite .