He was born in Lebanon on the 13th of June, he studied Architecture at USEK Kaslik, had several training and work experience with different contracting companies in Design, Project Coordination, Construction and project Management until he founded his own architecture firm in 2010. 

He had a Joint Venture with MEGA General Contractor which allowed ZK Architecture Firm to start a Design & Build Profile. 

In 2018 he founded the overseas Z.K. ARCHITECTURE FIRM – CYPUS and started another Joint Venture with LOIZOU & SHIAMTANIS CIVIL ENGINEERS L.C.C offices in Limassol, which offered Z.K. ARCHITECTURE FIRM a consulting scope in Cyprus Island.


He is Member in the Int’l Chamber of Arbitration and Consulting (I.C.A.C.) as an Int’l Arbitration Expert, member of order of Engineers and Architects since 1998, member of the Urbanism committee in the Municipality of Jounieh in 1998. 

Rapid and inquisitive learner, he tries to discover as much of the world as possible.


Adventurous, Always catching up on new things, polite, warm hearted and charitable, convivial and in a continuous search to widen his horizons he is an Architect, a professional dancer and a dance teacher, he used to be a basketball player & coach too, he’s got this «Nothing is impossible attitude», highly creative, he paints Oil and Acrylic {Surrealism}, he studied music  Violin – solfeggio – Theory and Music History, had a Silver Medal for his violin playing winning a competition Held at Club Central. 

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He is the owner of Dance Anatomy Studio. Ziad introduced Salsa & Tango Argentino to Lebanon as a complete Dance Scene in 2001 where he created the two trademarks: SALSA LEBANON (c) & TANGO LEBANON (c)
He dedicated himself to others opening opportunities to them in the Salsa & Tango scene fields which created a dynamism in the scene through his derivatives. 

Thanks to his solid dance background in the Couple Dance Categories and through his surrealist character composition, Ziad is now an inspiration for dancers who got to know him, he could make use of all this to offer the Dance Scene in Lebanon a foundation for a great and solid connection with the international Dance scene level. 

The impact that Ziad’s dance Pedagogy has on the social dance scene and specifically in SALSA & TANGO is not only a direct impact on close students but also a dance generator extended over the whole national scene.

Some of Ziad Kassis’ dance achievements: 

 Champion of Lebanon in Latin-American Category (1994-1995) 

Champion of Lebanon in Latin-American & Standard Category (1995-1996) 

Laureate of “Toute la Ville Chante et Danse” – Jury Special Prize 1995-1996 

Honor Prize @ the Festival of Beauty and Art – Casino du Liban 1998 

Gold Medalist in both Latin-American and Standard Category at the two first DanceSport Championship competitions in Lebanon. 

Introduced, for the 1st time in Lebanon, the International Style as Competitive dance (DanceSport) in 1995, after he came back from his International Formation in Paris. 

One of the Founders of the Lebanese DanceSport Federation.
Creator of the SALSA scene in Lebanon & Founder of SALSA LEBANON (c) 

Creator of the TANGO scene in Lebanon and Founder of TANGO LEBANON (c) 

First Promoter of Tango and Salsa-Latino Dancing in Lebanon, hosted the very first TANGO and SALSA-LATINO EVENTS in Lebanon as well as many Dance Workshops hosting International Dancers who helped the dance scene in Lebanon Grow big. DanceSport Director of the Lebanese DanceSport Federation (L.D.S.F) / 2002-2004. 

Prepared and Set the first DanceSport National Syllabus Manual, as a National Manual for DanceSport in Lebanon. 

Former Founder & Owner of LIDF sarl 


Former Creator and Organizer of the LEBANON INT’L DANCE FESTIVAL 

Former-champion of Lebanon in both Latin and standard categories. 

International DanceSport adjudicator 

International Teacher & Performer – Taught and Performed in Different 

International Congresses as hosted International Artist

How you chose to become an architect? 

My grandfather used to be a very well known contractor in our region and when I was 12 years old a fortune teller (even though I don’t believe in them) told me that I would become a great architect and I kept it in mind, I was passionate about it, and when I finished school I just went for it.   

What are the important turning points in your life? 

The one in my architecture career is when I opened my own architecture Firm as for my dancing career it was when I traveled to Paris to study the International style for latin & standard dances (DanceSport), learning more about it and expanding in the field. 

What are your favorites?

Taste: Meat 

Scent: Nature, the scent of the spring reminds me of my parent’s home, announcing the summer because I love summer it is when am fully me.   

Feel: The touch. I feel as if with every touch you upload the data of anything you are touching into your being drawing a fuller picture by your own senses. 

Scene: Sea, dawn, sunset and the moon. 

what are you feeling now ?

Feeling good and alerted. 

What do you consider your greatest achievement? 

My family. 

What is your most marked characteristic? 


What is your favorite occupation? 


What do you most value in your friends? 


What is your ultimate dislike? 

Reason, it is an extreme, it puts limits, it deprives you of Passion, it is the arithmetic of emotions. 

What you wish for all the time? 

Happiness and achievements for my family & loved ones 

What do you expect from the future? 

Good things for my kids. 

What is your favorite daily wear attire? 

In the summer shorts and t-shirts in the winter more elaborated, sophisticated and accessorized outfits 

What things in life are still mysteries to you? 

The order of life, this order of life the one we are all going through now. The order of chaos. 

What was the last gift you gave someone? 

A flight  

What is your biggest fear?  

Leaving here without being able to achieve everything I wanted to achieve. 

What would be your super power? 

The capacity of helping everyone who needs help on any level. 

What would be a good theme song for your life? 

My way by Frank Sinatra 

What would you name your boat if you had one? 


What is the best purchase you’ve ever made? 

 I did not do it yet  

What inspires you? 

Beauty inside/out in everything 

What is your advice for your younger self? 

Step by step 

Define Art? 

Art is indefinable 

You pick Freedom or Security? 


What will be your advice for a fulfilled, significant and happy life? 

Be Passionate and have a good time management. 


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