Rima Cherfane is a beautiful heart and soul during our interview she
made us feel at peace, happy and appreciated.

Discover her splendid personality in our straight to the point small talk.

She opened her Loft Workshop «Couture Republic» to inspire her 8 years old daughter about how dreaming is the quintessence of existence,
her label is addressed to all the passionate modern women,
from T-shirt to bride, from bedroom to evening, from Resort
to street couture, from athleisure to red carpet up to bridal.

When you choose her Label, it means you will have it all. You will shine
on through all your different occasions on a high level of style because 
she will be giving you an unforgettable statement appearance.

RIMA CHERFANE, is a bubble that you will enjoy being in!

You will keep wanting more …

The Interview:

How you turned out to be a fashion designer? Always been  
Your Role models (any field)? My Parents

What are the important turning points in your life? My daughter

What are your favorite?
Taste : Fruits
Scent : Chanel number 5 
Feel  : Pure silk
Scene : Nature
Sound : Music

What is your current state of mind? Creative

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Rima Cherfane
What is your most marked characteristic? Romantic

What is your favorite occupation? Designing

What do you most value in your friends? Honesty

Who are your heroes in real life? My husband, my daughter 

What is your ultimate dislike? Hypocrites 

What you wish for all the time? Happiness
What do you expect from the future? Happiness