For the seventh annual Eater Awards, Chef Corey Lee, best known for his triple Michelin-starred San Francisco restaurant Benu, has been named chef of the year 2016 by editors of the popular food blog

More than his singular menu at Benu or his equally popular bistro Monsieur Benjamin, it is for his ambitious project “In Situ” at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art that editors bestowed Lee with the title of chef of the year.

Eater food writer Bill Addison points out that, “Rather than mere mimicry, the result is akin to a choreographer interpreting a benchmark ballet. And like a work of art, the food is as wonderful to look at as it is to savor. With the debut of In Situ, it’s clear Lee is an unstoppable genius.”

The title of most beautiful restaurant of the year for 2016 goes to celebrity chef Curtis Stone’s eatery Gwen in Los Angeles, described as a “high-ceilinged beauty.”